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Residential Care

Stepping Stones worked alongside Pastor Moses from 2019-2021 to help him realise his vision of looking after some of the most complex children in and around Mae Sot who were at risk of neglect and deteriorating health.



To establish a comfortable and safe environment for a small number of children with life-limiting, complex healthcare conditions to be cared for

Why is this Project important?


The Convention on the Rights of the Persons with disabilities states that young people with disabilities are among the poorest and most marginalised of the world’s youth. Estimates suggest that there are between 180 and 220 million youth with disabilities worldwide, and nearly 80 percent of them live in developing countries. All the issues that affect young people, such as access to education, employment, health care and social services, affect those with disabilities in a far more complex way. Attitudes and discrimination linked to disability make it much more difficult for them to live independently, to find work or to participate in local activities. In many communities, both rural and urban, they are often excluded from decision making processes due to low expectations of their capabilities and a lack of projects aimed at enabling inclusion.


What did the project achieve?


We were able to assist by partially funding the refurbishment of a building that Pastor Moses secured the rent on, adjacent to his home, to provide electrics, air-conditioning, furniture and security to the building that was to become home for a small number of children whose parents were not able to adequately care for them due to complex soci0-economic and wellbeing factors.

Project Costs: 

Set up costs and 

2000 baht per month (£45 per month)

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