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Tun Lin Aung

We first met Tun Lin Aung in December last year following a referral from the Mae Tao Clinic where he had been an inpatient for a short period. Tun Lin Aung had a road traffic accident in November of last year on the highway not far from the centre of Mae Sot. Fortunately on this occasion the driver of the car stopped and paid for him to attend Mae Sot general hospital where he remained in intensive care for over a month and was really quite poorly.

Aung Thu Phyo

All the children who we are lucky enough to meet are special, but just occasionally one stands out. Aung Thu Phyo is one of these children. When we first came across him, he was just 5 years old and I noticed him because despite his severe spastic cerebral palsy, he was determined to make us sit up and take notice!


When we first came across Minge at the age of 7, abandoned by her parents, not only would she not talk to anybody, but  due to severe contractures at both knees and ankles, she could only get around by bunny hopping. Despite her anxiety, she tolerated our early efforts to let us help her and we could tell by the way she observed everything that was going on around her with a scrutinous look, that she was a bright girl.

Chi Chi Win

Chi Chi Win lives just outside the border town of Mae Sot in a small rural community. Her house does not have electricity or water and food is scarce. Her dad works in Bangkok most of the time and he sends money home as often as he can. Meantime, Chi Chi Win, her mum and baby brother are looked after by others within the community.

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