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Accessing Play

yellow ball
boys with tablet
chee chee win
Aye Mya 2

Play is an essential part of growing up well. All children naturally play because all children naturally have a sense of fun and just love engaging with others. Not all children enjoy the same type of play of course and their interests and choices will vary according to all sorts of variables.

But to have access to play - the time, the attention of an adult to join in and engage fully with them, is crucial in developing a child's sense of self - their self-esteem and confidence depends on it.

But children also access play to develop their cognitive function and to develop motor skills. Having interesting objects to manipulate, to explore and develop their curiosity and imagination, while also honing their skills are part and parcel of childhood - or should be.

At Stepping Stones, we include play in everything that we do - whether through the use of toys, or rhymes, songs, storytelling or games - therapy needs play if it is to be effective.

For that we need an endless supply of interesting, motivating toys and resources. 

We also seek wider collaborations with other organisations who promote games and have enjoyed working alongside Play Onside and Right to Play and would love to have more and more opportunities like that and to get as many of the children and young people who we work with engaing in team games or social participation activities that allow them to just soar!

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