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There are many ways that you can help support the work of the Stepping Stones project. The most obvious one is through financial support. While we do have a few regular donors, we need many more if we are going to fulfil our goals. A regular monthly donation, no matter how small, allows us to plan ahead and meet our commitments to the children and families who we support. This can be done through the AYNiL(UK) MyDonate page linked below. For the money to go directly to the Stepping Stones Project please leave a personalised message when you donate.


A one off donation is very welcome and as an example of how this might be used, here are the costs of some of our overheads:

            Weekly petrol cost for therapists to make urban and rural visits - £8

            Cost of a standing frame - £20

            Trainee costs per week - £35

            Physiotherapist weekly stipend - £100

            Motorbike hire per month – £30

            Tac Pack - £6

            Pair of leg gaiters - £4


The larger expenses include flights home for our physiotherapist, vaccinations, work permits and visas. Other regular expenses include provision of nutritional support for some families, hospital bills, casting of AFOs or other splints and cost of producing training and teaching materials.

But, hopefully you can see that any money that you are able to donate will be put to good use and goes a long way!


We also have an ambition, which we would like to make a reality, of renting our own premises. This would allow our trainees to have a base for their training, a place from which to run our Baby Steps Early Intervention Programme and to undertake our administrative work through the employment of a local administrator. This ambition has significant cost implications in itself, but our 3 plus years in Mae Sot has shown us that we are just beginning and that the number of disabled children and young people, currently without any support, far exceeds our initial estimates and so we would like to increase the number of physiotherapists from 1 to 2 which would allow us to increase our caseload and to further build local capacity through training.


If you are unable to donate money at this time, but would nevertheless like to be involved, please join our mailing list or follow us on Twitter.

You can donate now by following one of the links below or texting NEED45, including the amount, to 70070.

TEXT NEED45 £5/10/20' to 70070
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