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Art Print with accompanying poem. Approx 60 x 40 cm


It shatters my hopes for my child


There are no parents who do not love their children.

There are no children who do not love their parents.

I am sure of that because I am a mother, I have children and I really love my children.

Even though I’m missing one of my legs, my love for my children doesn’t change.

It is exactly the same as before. Some years ago, I lost my leg.


I traded my leg for a cup of bamboo soup.

I am poor.

All of my children really like to have meat curry. I

 wish I could cook meat curry for them regularly, even once a month. ….of course that’s impossible because my husband and I do not have enough income.

So, instead, I prepare soup for them everyday.

Soup is easy to swallow.

Bamboo shoot soup is one of the easiest curries in the rainy season.


The forest was green.

The soil was wet.

The bamboo shoot happily came up.

While my knife cut the bamboo shoot, something exploded near my right foot.

I was in shock.

Everything changed within a few seconds.

My life, my children’s futures, my hopes for them… Everything… in just a few seconds.

My love for them doesn’t change,

but others feelings are not the same anymore.

I feel depressed.

I feel less confident.

The mother who has only one leg can do less for her children than the mother who has both legs.

I never dreamed, I never imagined any weapons in my life.

But a weapon has marred my life.

A weapon destroys my hopes.

A weapon shatters my children’s’ future.


How many people suffer because of weapons?


Words by Maung Maung Tinn, artist


Price includes postage and packing.

Woman with child and gun

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