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Art Print with accompanying poem. Approx 60 x 40 cm


I arrived here only a few hours ago.

I think it is a safe place.

I should relax, but I can’t.

My grandchildren, my son and his wife will follow me, they said.

They should be here by now.

But I have not seen any of them yet.

Where are they?

Something is wrong with them?

 I have started to worry for them.


My grandchildren are always jumping, touching, talking…

They are curious about all the things they see along the way.

How do their parents control them, to keep just walking on the road?

There are so many landmines around this place,

because here there is often combat between Burmese and Karen.


We live in a village that is hours away by walking from this place.

We are poor.

To eat meat every week, is impossible for us.

That’s why we all enjoyed our dinner yesterday.

We had a chance to eat boar meat that my son caught in the jungle.

We ate.

We chatted.

We laughed.

Unfortunately, our happiness did not last the day.


We finished dinner about eight.

We went to bed one hour later.

But we were all awake soon after, as we heard that Burmese soldiers were coming to our village.

I collected a few things I think useful, and left home helped by two stronger villagers.


This is the boar meat.

I packed it last night and took it from home.

I would like to eat it with my family again, soon.


Words by Maung Maung Tinn, artist


Price includes postage and packing.


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