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Art Print with accompanying poem. Approx 60 x 40 cm


I don’t have to worry about finding a snack


Every morning the truck comes and dumps many things, including toys, biscuits and fruit.

 It is like a market.

There are a lot of animals, such as cows, dogs and flies.

We play among them.

When we run along the road, all the flies fly around us and become a voice. It sounds like music.

There are more flies during the rainy season

and we often have to eat our meal inside our mosquito net.


I like to roll and lie in the rubbish, even though my mother does not like me doing this.

I can play in the dump no more than four hours, as then I get a headache.

I like this place even though it is full of rubbish.

I just wish I didn’t get sick.


Words by Maung Maung Tinn, artist


Price includes postage and packing.

Rubbish dump child

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